Voyager Friends

Voyager Friends

Unfortunately our cruise is over but we still have fresh memories of all the great experiences we had as well as of all the wonderful people we met.  As I stated when I first began this series of blog posts, we met so many people onboard the SS Voyager and also during our stays in both Bangkok and Cambodia.  Here are a few snapshots I hope you enjoy.

Our rickshaw partners in Singapore – Mike and Twyla are from Vancouver, British Columbia.  We met on our flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

Di and Val cooling off in one of our museum excursions.  They are from the UK near Southampton.

Group dinner with Bill and Rick from Phoenix/Telluride and Anne and Vic from the UK also near Southampton.

Laura and Jim from Phoenix.  We spent many days with them on excursions and dined together in Mangalore.

Tony and Irene from Palm Desert.  We met on our first stop in Koh Samui at a beautiful beach resort and shared lunch.

Rick and Bill from Phoenix/Telluride.  We had several enjoyable dinners together.

Rick and Bill after one of our dinners.

Mary (Allen is missing) from La Quinta and Jinna (John is missing) from Sun Valley.  We met at the beginning of our trip in Bangkok.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get their husbands in this photo.

Our wonderful and friendly bartender, Aleks (full name, Aleksandr), in the Voyager Lounge.  Aleks is from Bulgaria.

We met these lovely ladies, Lorna and Marsha, at the beginning in Bangkok.  They left the ship early in India and took an excursion to Nepal before joining us again in Mumbai.  They also brought us an art piece from Nepal

Here are Di and Val once again.  Their stateroom was down the hall from ours and we met during the block party early on in the cruise.

Howard and Sylvia from Toronto.  We shared so many good times with them including a fabulous dinner in Mumbai.

Caught in the Voyager Lounge enjoying a cocktail.

You have to have a group selfie, right?  With Steve and Gary in the Voyager Lounge.  Steve and Gary are from Glendale, California.

Our butler, Suresh, is from Kochi, India.  We hope to see him again next year on the Voyager.

Our friends from Edinburgh, Scotland, Caroline and Colin.  We met very early in the trip when we shared drinks at the hotel in Siem Reap.

During our last formal (optional) night onboard Voyager, Gary and Steve shined in their classy dinner jackets.  

Our group dinner photo after a wonderful meal at Chartreuse, the Voyager’s French restaurant.

Our friends, Cleo, Bob, and Paulette, from Texas and South Carolina – I think that’s right.  We met in Siem Reap on our final night in Cambodia.

And this post would not be complete without a photo of the launderette where Rich spent a huge chunk of his time.  We also met lots of friendly people in the launderette.  Ironing is a passion.


And so I end with my cavalcade of Voyager friends.  If I’ve mistakenly misspelled names or gotten home locations incorrectly, I apologize.  I’m also collecting some of my favorite photos into a collage that I hope to share at a later date.  

This is not the end of my blog.  I will continue to update photography excursions here locally in Southern California as well as documenting our August travels in Vancouver and September travels to Portugal.  Please check in with me throughout the year.

Many thanks.


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  1. Rich and Marc:

    Wonderful photos and many great memories for you both. Thank you for including me in your blog. Will look forward to your future upcoming trips.

    1. Thanks Karen

  2. What a bunch of wonderful pictures.

    1. Thank you, Gary

  3. Marc, what a marvelous adventure! I enjoyed following it on your blog. I especially enjoyed the pictures of friends, your street shots, and your narrative about Cambodia. I can hardly wait to have lunch with you and hear all about it.
    Hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Mark. I appreciate you following the blog.

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