Arrival in Singapore

What a great place Singapore is!  Everything you’ve ever heard about it is absolutely true.  It’s beautiful and so clean.  Everything is organized in a very deliberate fashion and English is spoken everywhere.  We arrived early this morning and had to meet our excursion group at 8:10am – a little earlier than usual but not a serious problem.  We chose to do the Ins and Outs of Singapore excursion which included a multitude of public transportation with a relatively small group.

Our first stop was in Chinatown and we entered a Buddhist temple.  We’ve seen our share of temples but this one was quite impressive.  We entered into the front part of the temple and observed a monk performing some prayers but then stepped into a much larger area that included 50 or so devotees chanting and reading from Chinese scrolls.  It was very impressive.

Local Markets

We then entered a famous Hawker Market that contained both dry and wet items for purchase.  The first photos demonstrate the food that was for sale even though Wednesday was an off day for many of the vendors.  The vegetables you’ll see were all packaged in plastic bags and looked very fresh.  You’ll also see an eatery (unfortunately closed) that garnered a Michelin star.

And then we entered the downstairs area which was full of fresh fish and other items – a ton of poor little frogs.  The single fish you see in the tank was the hit of the market – it sells for $100,000 not to be eaten but to be held in someone’s tank.

Tour of the City

We then were taken to a Trishaw Park where we were driven around the city for approximately 30 minutes.  It wasn’t too scary even though we were mixed in with all of the normal traffic…. Singapore, by the way, drives on the left side of the road.


We were also offered a one day pass on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) which was as clean and organized as you could ever imagine.  It’s all automated with no driver at the wheel.

Next, we took a boat tour of the Singapore River which offered some amazing views and panoramas of the city.

Rich and I ended our tour by having some authentic Singapore lunch along the river and then back to the ship.

I had always looked forward to visiting Singapore on this cruise.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Singapore and its people are truly beautiful.  Its people are a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian and make for an interesting melange of cultures.  Everyone on the ship enjoyed their excursions as well and thought that Singapore so far was the highlight of the cruise.  

We’re off tomorrow to Malaysia and our first visit is Kuala Lumpur.  The temperatures and humidity continue to challenge us but it’s all good.  Stay tuned for more adventures.



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  1. Thank you for giving me access to your blog, I have been catching up on your trip, the photos are magnificent. Your commentary is always so interesting, I feel like I am on the trip with you, all of the things that you talk about are so interesting. Thank you for including photos of the two of you, always nice to see. Will look forward to the rest of your trip!


    1. Glad that you were able to access the site, Karen. We always count on your comments and suggestions.

  2. Mooi mooi mooi alle foto,s zijn zeer mooi ik geniet ervan ,jullie hebben een heel mooie reis gekozen ,ik zie dat jullie ervan genieten ik lees ook u uitleg zeer mooi ik versta het meeste ervan ik doe mijn best groetjes monique

    1. Ja Monique het is geel mooi en zo interessant. We hebben zo veel gezien en nog wat. In de eten zaal heb ik iemand van Brussel ontmoeten en een beetje vlaams gesproken. Er zijn ook mensen van Suid Afrika en ze spreken Afrikaans en ik versta ze.

  3. Nice to see you both in the foto riding the Singapore Tuk Tuk. How are you enjoying the very different cultures, languages and customs? Is it challenging? Thanks for including us on your tours. Totally enjoying it!

    1. Almost everyone that we have encountered has spoken at least a little bit of English. It is often difficult to understand them, however, because of their beautiful accents. Even their English is so different from ours. The cultures are fascinating to me in particular. I am amazed by the intersection of beliefs in every place we’ve visited – Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. I believe we will continue to see that as we visit Sri Lanka and beyond.

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