Return to Lisbon

Return to Lisbon

Aaah…. we’ve returned to the wonderful city of Lisbon

The weather is a bit cooler and we’re now in a different hotel in a very nice part of Lisbon – Lapa.  The hills are still here and the hill climbs are endless.  There was a very interesting show at our hotel last night and I captured some of it on video – I’m not sure who they were or what their story was but it certainly was entertaining.


We spent the entire day just roaming some familiar areas of Lisbon with nothing particularly in mind – it was great.  We rode tram 28 from a location near our hotel, bought some souvenirs, had lunch, ate gelato and then took Uber back to the hotel – yes, they have Uber here and we’ve used it a bunch.  Before we go on, I should tell you that I am infatuated with the trams, particularly tram 28, in this city.  They are amazing and tram 28 is always loaded with people.  Here’s an inside shot.

And here’s what it’s like in action.  What’s truly amazing is how narrow the streets are and how close the tram comes to buildings and cars.  In fact, we were delayed for about 10 minutes in one part of the city because a car was within an inch of the tram and we couldn’t move forward.  After ringing a really loud bell for minutes, the car owner came out and let us by.



Here’s my collection of Lisbon tram photos….maybe I’ll create a printed collage of this.


And then, of course, you need to be on or near the tram as well.


We had a great time today and the day’s not over.  Here are some final shots of our travels in the city today.  Stay tuned for one more final blog entry from Lisbon tomorrow.


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  1. Marc and Rich:

    Really enjoyed the tram ride, I would be holding on for dear life. The photos of the two of you on or near the tram is priceless. As always, the photos are great and will be looking forward to tomorrow’s rendition.


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