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One Day in Portofino

Aah…. the beauty of Portofino. And that photo above was at dawn as we entered the harbor of Portofino. Yes, we had been here before but it was several years ago. To enter the harbor on the Voyager’s tender brought back all these memories of our times in Portofino.

Even though there were many excursions available to us in Portofino, we decided to venture out on our own – it was a great decision. The port is available to large yachts and other seacraft but certainly not to cruise ships – thus a tender is required. Here are some of the views once you get to the marina.

When we arrived at the marina, I took a photo of our Voyager friends, Anette and Andre (sorry I didn’t get their photo) and they reciprocated for us.

Here are some more of the views around the tiny harbor.

Lunch at Hotel Splendido

We decided that we would have lunch at the beautiful Hotel Splendido. A local representative onboard the ship had told us that we could take a free shuttle from the piazza to the hotel – very easy and very comfortable. We discovered that the restaurant didn’t open until 1pm. It was only 11:30am – wait let’s have a bottle of wine and enjoy the view…. so we did.

Although we had no reservations, the Maitre d’ sat us at a beautiful table overlooking the Mediterranean and the yachts below. Let’s enjoy another bottle of wine with our meal, right? It was a local white wine that was delicious. Here’s the meal.

I just had to have the Elizabeth Taylor Spaghetti! They make it with three types of local tomatoes and that’s it. But oh my, the tomatoes were so delicious. Liz would have been proud.

We saw other Voyager friends who decided to dine at the Splendido. We saw Dick and Bev, whom we had met in Venice, and Jim and Kim from Indianapolis. We all had a great time and a great meal.

I took a few more photos of Rich as we waited for the tender back to the ship and then got a final view of Portofino as we left the harbor. Our short time in Portofino was very special and memorable. It was definitely one of the highlights of this fantastic voyage.

Now that we’re home, the internet connection is super fast and easy. Uploading photos and videos is a breeze. I still have a couple more blog posts to complete so keep an eye out for Spain and Nice. Thanks again for following this blog.

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  1. So glad to know that you are home. Portofino looks beautiful, the water is so blue and the marina is gorgeous. Your meal looked delicious and the views are amazing, so glad Liz would have approved! Will be anxious to hear more about your trip and the upcoming photos.


  2. I love this blog. Portofino sounds marvelous. Keep traveling, and keep writing.

  3. Can’t wait to hear more about your beautiful trip!

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