Colorful City of Nice

Colorful City of Nice


Before visiting the colorful city of Nice, our final stop on the Voyager was in Monaco. We arrived early in the morning and disembarked the ship by 9am. We had arranged for a driver to take us to our hotel in Nice and the ride took roughly 30 minutes – very, very scenic too. Here are a few photos from Monaco.


Nice is a beautiful entry into Southern France. It’s very Mediterranean and seems to be part Italian and part French. In fact, the promenade along the beach is an excellent way to get acquainted with the city. Above all, check out the colors of the water.

We quickly found the old part of the city and enjoyed walking the narrow streets. Restaurants and cafes are abundant – and so are people enjoying the scenery. Similarly, tourists and locals alike jam the streets of the old town at night, all looking for a good meal.

Speaking of food, here’s a sampling of some of our meals and also some of the items one can see on the street. There is a huge local market where one can purchase food items and food preparations.

Finally, a couple of photos of Marc and Rich along the beach. The setting is gorgeous and the water is beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who followed along on the blog. Expect to see a single blog post in the future with the main highlights of the trip. Most importantly, I hope you have enjoyed viewing the photos and reading the commentary – please leave any comments or suggestions you might have.

Thanks again!

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  1. Both Monaco and Nice have spectacular views of the water and you captured the ambience of each. Your meals and the local market looks like they have some great offerings, I am sure you enjoyed your well thought out trip. Thank you for including the pictures of yourselves, always nice to see you enjoying the different ports, and thank you for including me in your blog, will look forward to your single blog.


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