Newcastle upon Tyne
Millennium Bridge viewed from the Baltic Museum

Newcastle upon Tyne

Today we arrive in Newcastle upon Tyne which is just at the border with Scotland.  It’s where Hadrian built the wall to protect the Romans from the North.  We’ve also suddenly encountered a much colder and wetter weather pattern that presents some challenges in getting good photos – I miss the blue skies and puffy white clouds.  

It’s 48 degrees, windy and wet when we arrive at the Port of Tyne – Tyne is the river that runs through Newcastle as you’ll later see in the photos.  All is well as we prepare to leave the ship for our excursion into Newcastle.  As I pass through the ship’s security point and put away my room card key, a strong gust of wind pulls the card out of my hand and into the water below…. oh no!!!! The card is your passport to get back on the ship and an important document to prove your identity.  Fortunately, I was still at the security point, explained my problem and was told to go back to the ship’s reception area which was luckily on the same deck.  Phew… that was a little scary.  With a new card in hand and wet from the wind and rain, we boarded the bus for our excursion.  A half hour bus drive through what appears to be rush hour traffic and we’re in the center of Newcastle.  

We chose the excursion that buses you to the center of the city and allows you to discover the city on your own – map and guide in hand.  Here are our first views.

Grey’s Monument
Grey’s Monument

We also, for the first time, saw a fairly large presence of armored police on the streets.

Armed patrol

We walked down the main thoroughfare toward the River Tyne and passed St. Nicholas Cathedral and Newcastle Castle.  

St. Nicholas Cathedral
Newcastle Castle

For such a small city, Newcastle has a ton of bridges – and bridges at different heights.  We walked down Quayside and saw the bridges from different angles.  The most impressive is the Millennium Bridge which was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth in 2002.

Span of bridges
Millennium Bridge viewed from the Baltic Museum
Millennium Bridge
River Tyne

We visited the Baltic – which is a centre dedicated to contemporary art.  We went to the 4th and 5th floors where the observation decks gave us panoramic views.  In addition, we saw the nesting of Kittiwakes – it’s an incredible sight.  


My final entry for today ends with this tasty ale that supposedly is one of the best in Newcastle.  Cheers!


Jakehead IPA


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    The kittiwakes are adorable and your photos are really enjoyable. Glad to know that a little rain can’t stop the two of you from enjoying your time in Newcastle on Tyne, and the incident with your card key must have been scary. Will look forward to hearing from you again.


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