We’ve finally arrived in Mumbai and it’s very impressive.  The population of Mumbai is 22 million.  There are no rickshaws here because they have been banned from the city center.  There are, however, taxis, taxis, and more taxis.  They come in two flavors – yellow cabs with no air conditioning and blue/silver which have air conditioning.  The blue/silver are tough to find.  The bargaining with taxi drivers is incredible.  Perhaps because we’re tourists, they want to spend the entire day with us – wherever we want to go.  Getting a simple taxi ride from point A to B is very difficult and takes some negotiation.  And the rides are wild.

We started first with a few of the British era buildings in the center of the city.

We visited the outdoor laundry, Dhobi Ghat, which is the largest outdoor laundry in the world.  It only employs men and operates every day of the week.  To watch the operation was very enjoyable.  Here’s a peek.

They use a special bluing agent for whites and the white laundry comes out very white and clean. You can also see one area that does nothing but denim.

We next visited a Hindu temple while a service was being performed.  Of course, we had to take off our shoes but were able to watch the service with the worshippers – it was a little strange to be taking pictures in their midst but they encouraged photos.  One mother even asked me to take a photo of her child – notice the Disneyland T-shirt.

Last night we had dinner in Mumbai and not on the ship.  We traveled to Trishna restaurant with our Toronto friends and had an excellent meal.  They are known for Garlic Pepper Buttered Crab and it was delicious.  I asked the question about shells in this restaurant and another where we ordered prawns.  If you prefer the shells removed, they will do that in the kitchen for you. It makes eating so much more enjoyable and less messy.

Today we ventured out on our own into the wilds of Mumbai – and it’s a Monday so traffic is at its peak.  It’s definitely a feast for the eyes.  The taxis are very small and only accommodate 2 people.  Our driver today was young and particularly aggressive in traffic.  He squeezed us into spaces that a bicycle typically wouldn’t attempt.  It was a wild ride to say the least.

We saw the Gateway of India monument which was built in 1911 and dedicated to King George V and Queen Mary.  It’s very impressive and is visited by millions of people, even locals.  The Taj Hotel is directly across the street and has some of its exterior shrouded.  We went inside the Taj and it’s beautiful and very opulent.  The security is quite excessive because of the 2008 bombings that occurred at this site.

The harbor is also scattered with boats of every kind.

I’ll close today’s post with a few photos of local Mumbai residents.  At various points in our travels through Mumbai, I was asked by several young people to pose for a picture or to be included in their selfies.  It was if we were celebrities.  Maybe just unusual looking people for them.  Blond haired ladies were also singled out.  Of course, I asked them to reciprocate and pose for me…. which they did.

We set sail tonight for Oman and we’ll be at sea for the next two days.  I’m not sure how much I’ll have to post but please continue to follow and comment.  Thanks again from Mumbai.  By the way, many locals still refer to this city as Bombay so I guess you can technically call it either.


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  1. I am so enjoying your blog. It’s like I get to travel the world vicariously. Thanks so much

    1. Thanks, Mark, for following and commenting.

  2. Rich and Marc:

    Surprised by the architecture, it is beautiful, The taxi rides sound hair raising! Interesting that the laundry only employs men. Will look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Some of the architecture is indeed beautiful. I refrained from posting some of the less appealing structures. There’s a great difference. Thanks again, Karen, for being such a loyal follower.

  3. Hallo Marc en Rich ik volg nog altijd hoor maar ik zie dat mijn vorig post er niet op staat ik heb zeker iets verkeerd gedaan ?die was die daar allemaal buitenhangt vind ik grappig ,die mooie gebouwen in het centrum vind ik heel mooi daar ka ik uren naar kijken,gr tot later monique

    1. Hallo Monique ik denk dat ik alles van u heb gezien. Ja de kleding ophangen zou niet goed gaan met Rich want waar zijn de strijkijzers?

  4. Haha ja Rich en zijn strijkijzer en het moet dan nog zeer goed gestreken zijn !! Ik had ook iets over die bloemen geschreven maar vind da niet terug en ook over die groente en fruitmarkt ik had medelijden met die vrouwen ,de dagen gaan zeker rap voorbij geniet nog maar van jullie mooie reis gr

  5. Fascinating! Enjoy your two days at sea.

  6. What a great trip! I am going to show your blog to Carey and maybe convince him that a trip to this part of the world would be great!
    Nice photos Marc. Can’t w as it to talk to you in person about your trip.

    1. It has been a great trip. I’ll fill you in on more when we meet. I think Carey would enjoy it.

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