Los Cabos

Los Cabos

At this time last week, we were just ending our one week stay at a Los Cabos resort.  Specifically, we spent the week at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, an incredibly beautiful and luxurious resort.  Normally, I post my blog entries as we enjoy the travels day by day.  This time, however, I decided to post a single entry which hopefully captures the entire one week stay.  

Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Mariachis and foamed tequila greeted us as we entered the resort.


Although we requested the same room from last year, we upgraded to a second level room after only one night.  Here are a few photos of the room and the balcony.

Sometimes we didn’t feel like having breakfast in one of the two restaurants so we opted for breakfast on the balcony.

The property is stunning and has numerous pools and restaurants.  It is beautiful both during the day and also at night.  Here are a few of the views.  

One of my favorite pasttimes during the week was capturing both sunrises and sunsets.  I wasn’t always successful but I did succeed in photographing a few spectacular sights.  It’s difficult to differentiate between the two, right?

What About the Food?

As I mentioned earlier, there are several restaurants on the property – Sea Grill (Casual Continental), El Restaurante (Traditional Mexican), and the new Arbol (Asian Style Coastal).  All of our meals were delightful and the cocktails were memorable.  Here’s a taste of some of our food.

More guacamole and chips to satisfy anyone.

Seafood tacos, flatbread, and Friday night prime rib at the Sea Grill

An elegant dinner at El Restaurante

Tasteful dining at the new Arbol


Beyond Las Ventanas

We ventured out two days – one day in San Jose del Cabo and another in Cabo San Lucas.  On both days, we had lunch and drinks at some of our favorite places.  The Hacienda Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas has a great lunch with spectacular views of the harbor.  

We also had dinner one night at Seared which is located at the One and Only Resort very close to Las Ventanas.  The restaurant is one of the finest steakhouses in Los Cabos and we were fortunate enough to meet the head chef, Stuart Roger.

And so ends our week in Los Cabos.  The entire week was relaxing and extremely enjoyable.  The staff at Las Ventanas couldn’t have been more accommodating.  This made our entire week truly memorable.  I hope you enjoyed the sights and food.  Until the next blog post.  

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  1. Wonderful pictures. I can see why you guys went there.

    1. Thanks, Gary. Next time I’d like to learn a little more Spanish.

  2. Marc and Rich:

    Loved the photos, the food looked delicious and you accommodations were truly amazing. Thank you for letting me know the blog was available. I still think you are an amazing photographer, keep up the good work, I would hire you in a heart beat!

    1. Thank you, Karen. Always love your comments.

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