Last Day in Bangkok

Last Day in Bangkok

Today was a fairly leisurely spent day.  By now, we know our way around fairly well – at least from our hotel perspective.  We didn’t have too much planned for today but I definitely wanted to visit two more temples that I had investigated.  Luckily they were both across the river from one another.

So Many Temples 

We decided to take the tourist ferry on the river to our destination.  The temples were located only about 4 stops away.  The ferry is extremely reasonable and crowded.  The cost was 15 baht (50 cents) per person – you can’t beat that price right?  I took the following photos from the pier as we were waiting.  

I liked the colorful set of boats and also wanted another panorama of the city from the river.

Next, we were off to Wat Arun.  This temple and its surrounding area was massive.  You’ll see from the photos how high the actual temple is.  We weren’t allowed to go beyond the second level but that was frankly enough for both Rich and me.  The steps to that level were extremely narrow and steep with no guard rails to be found.  We both literally inched our way up each step but found that descending was equally as challenging.  Anyway, it was an incredible site.  

Whereas Wat Arun was relatively devoid of crowds, Wat Pho was just the opposite.  You see, it’s the home of the giant reclining Buddha and I certainly wanted to capture that moment.  Getting a clean shot of the Buddha was very difficult.  First because of the amount of people standing in your way and secondly because of its immense size.  Nonetheless, here are photos I captured.  

Our Last Night

For our last dinner in Bangkok, we decided to go to the authentic Thai restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  Oddly enough, the restaurant is across the river from the hotel but the hotel provides a private boat to the other side.  Of course, we’re not staying at the Mandarin.  No worries, we got there without an issue and enjoyed not only royal Thai cuisine but traditional Thai entertainment.  Here’s a look at our set dinner menu.

To top off the evening we got one last photo with some of the dancers of the performance – they’re all beautiful by the way.

Another big surprise was our trip back to our hotel.  We determined that we would need to get the boat shuttle back to the Mandarin and then get a taxi back to our own hotel.  When we left the restaurant, we boarded the boat – we were the only ones onboard – and then we were surprised that the shuttle took us directly to our hotel…. we never told them where we were staying!  Door to door service in a very unique Bangkok way.  Here’s our captain and a parting shot of the boat.

Such a great ending to our stay here in Bangkok – a dynamic and beautiful city with lovely and friendly people.  We’re up tomorrow at 5am and we join the group – fairly large I think – that’s bound for Siem Reap, Cambodia. This should be quite an adventure.  Please follow us there – and oh yeah, don’t forget to drop us some comments.


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  1. Great Picture’s . It’s neat to see some places and things I know I will never see in person. Thanks

  2. Marc wat een super super mooie foto,s ik kan niet meeer zeggen die foto van Rich met die dikke vind ik zeer leuk,jullie hebben een goeie servies gekregen hoe wist die man waar jullie hotel was? Geniet nog va n u verdere reis,gr uit het kleine Tielt haha

  3. Hi guys! I am totally enjoying your blog. You take amazing fotos Marc! The temples are jaw dropping. The architectural details are fantastic. I really like the foto of your water taxi departing at night 🙂 Hope you both are having fun and enjoying plenty of food and drink.

  4. Can’t wait to see Cambodia?? You have seen so much already and you haven’t even started the cruise yet

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