Last Day at Sea and Dartmouth, England

Last Day at Sea and Dartmouth, England

There’s really not a lot to share about our last full day at sea.  Because of the winds, the seas were very rough and the ship rocked back and forth quite a bit.  Not bad enough to make anyone sick but certainly a challenge to walk in a straight line.  We did, however, make arrangements with Paul and Stefanie to have dinner at Compass Rose.  What a great evening.  They’re both so much fun and always the life of the party.  Here are a few photos from that evening.

What a cute couple
Baked Alaska
Group Photo

Our last port of call was Dartmouth, England – a beautiful port city in Devon.  We finally had a gorgeous day and it was lovely spending most of our time outdoors.  The ship had to anchor quite a ways from the port so the tender ride was fairly lengthy.  Fortunately, the seas were as calm as a lake and presented no problem.  Dartmouth sits at the mouth of the Dart River – aren’t the British clever at devising names?  

Entrance to the port

Once in Dartmouth, our excursion included a coach ride to Totnes, a very small village to the north.  


We spent a bit of time in Totnes and then boarded a boat that took us back to Dartmouth on the River Dart.

Leaving Totnes
Scenic along the river
Sheep grazing on the hillside
Steam train

We finally arrived back at Dartmouth and had lunch at a wonderful pub, the Dolphin, with our friends, Mark and Celia from Napa Valley.  

It was a great day and we both got plenty of sunshine.  We ended the evening with Bessie and Lauren at the Prime 7 restaurant.  

Alas, we’re now sitting in the Constellation Lounge waiting for our bus number to be called.  It’s just a little past 8am and our flight doesn’t leave Heathrow until 3:30pm.  It will be a very long day.  

No worries, we had a wonderful time on the SS Explorer despite the weather concerns.  Last night, Bessie, Rich, Lauren and I compared our Peaks and Pits of the cruise.  We all agreed that Edinburgh was the obvious pit only because of the weather.  We also regretted not having been able to visit Cork.  Our Peak was Belfast and really Ireland in general.  We all had a great time, experienced the local flavor and loved the Irish people.  We also loved Liverpool – the scenery, the culture, the music, and of course, the Beatles.

It’s sad to realize that we’re leaving this fabulous ship but we’re ready to get back to Pasadena.  Thank you all for following my blog and please check back in the future for local entries and other travels we plan.  

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  1. Totnes & Dartmouth look adorable and should be in a calendar! Maybe it’s the sun or that it looks very quaint, kind of French or I really really like your shot of Dartmouth looking through the stone arch… Italy perhaps… Safe travels today.

  2. Haha! Bessie and I had a beer at the Dolphin after our tour to Colton Fishacre. But no Smithwicks ?

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