Kotor to Positano

Kotor to Positano


Kotor, Montenegro

Many people, including myself, had never heard of Kotor, Montenegro. Montenegro is a very small country that previously was part of Yugoslavia. The ship’s entry into the port of Kotor was stunning. Many onboard compared the scenery of Kotor to the fjords of Norway. Take a look.

We had a great guide on our excursion around Kotor. Our first experience was a bus ride to the top of the mountains surrounding Kotor harbor. It was frightening! There were no less than 25 hairpin curves on a very narrow road and we were on a large motorcoach. There were several times when the bus needed to back up (going downhill) to let approaching vehicles pass. Wow – what an experience! Here’s the view from above.

We also walked into the ancient town of Kotor and sampled some of the many sights. At one point, our tour guide needed to take a phone call so he handed me his tour guide sign – I led the group for the next 2 hours – no, not really but I got a photo.

Kotor was delightful and definitely one of the highlights of our trip thus far.


Taormina, Sicily has always been one of the locations that I anticipated the most. I had heard so much about Taormina and Sicily in general. Taormina did not disappoint. It was beautiful. Our first glimpse of Sicily was the majestic Mt. Etna. In the early morning hours you can see the steam rising from its top.

We had a delightful excursion to the town of Taormina, perched high above the sea below. We were able to wander the beautiful streets and also view the ancient amphitheater that continues to host musical and dramatic events today. I was literally upset because one of my favorite groups, Il Volo, was performing one of the following nights. We missed it!

As part of this excursion, we were able to visit a Sicilian villa that was the film location for the Godfather – it was an incredible adventure with excellent food to match. We also met the villa owner whose family has owned the villa for the last 5 centuries – amazing!


Our next stop was the beautiful village of Positano. Well, we actually docked in the harbor of Sorrento and were tendered into Sorrento. We immediately boarded the bus bound for Positano – a very thrilling and scenic drive along the coast.

After spending an hour or so in Positano, we traveled to a very beautiful restaurant, Quattro Passi, where we enjoyed a delicious luncheon with a great group of people.

That’s it for this entry. I try to post an entry as often as I can but the internet connection onboard is terribly slow. Still, I hope you continue to follow our adventures in the Mediterranean. Did you also see the posts on Croatia, Venice, and Florence?


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  1. If you do much more traveling, you will be able to lead tours.

    I so enjoy your pics and the blog.


    1. Thank you, Z So happy that you’re following.

  2. So happy to hear from you, wish the internet connection was better for you, but your photos are stunning. Looks like the weather is lovely, you both look so tan. Your new dining friends and the food looks awesome. So nice to see photos of the two of you enjoying your vacation, will be anxious to hear from you again. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Karen. The weather has been very warm but we seem to be managing. I have a couple more posts to do from Portofino and Palma de Mallorca – I’ll try to get those up and running within the next few days. Thanks for following and for the comments.

  3. Late to your blog but your photos are absolutely gorgeous and the travelog delightful. Looks like a wonderful vacation and you and Rich – so rested and tan and maybe a bit full of all those delicious looking dishes!

    1. Thanks for checking in, Barbara. There’s more to come once I get decent internet access.

  4. Kotor is gorgeous, though the ride up the mountains sounded daunting. It’s interesting to see that the architecture in Kotor, Dubrovnik and Split is so similar. Looks like you were having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it.

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