We’ve arrived in India.  We experienced an extremely stormy night with loud thunder and lightning before our arrival in Kochi.  The day, however was relatively temperate only because we spent some time on a harbor cruise.  

Kochi is a great introduction to India.  According to our guide, it has a 95% literacy rate and one of the highest per capita incomes in India.  It’s also a very old trade center that dates back 2000 or more years.  It was also the home of both Portuguese and Dutch influences.  


Yes, it’s a seaside city with almost 1 million people – mostly Hindus, but also Christians and Buddhists.  Our first stop was a church built by the Portuguese somewhere around 1555.  

I took the photo of the tree because it was so beautiful and full of numerous patterns.

We then headed to the beachside park where we visited the fish market and associated sites.


The little boy eating his ice cream was priceless.

We also saw art along the beach as well as cattle resting in the sand.


And then there were the people.  


The last gentleman was a rug salesperson and carried his goods on his head.

As our last experience, we boarded a harbor cruise boat that took us around the main harbor.  You’ll see photos of the Chinese Fishing Nets that are a famous attraction in Kochi.  


Tonight we sail to Mangalore which is further up the Indian coast.  We’ve decided that we will explore Mangalore on our own with another couple instead of participating in a guided excursion.  I hope that you continue to follow our adventures.





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  1. Rich and Marc:

    The tree is truly stunning and the cattle on the beach was quite a surprise. I can’t believe how big the Chinese Fishing Nets are. Will be anxious to see your blog tomorrow and really looking forward to hearing from you in Mumbai.


  2. The street pics are great!

  3. How funny the cattle sunning themselves on the beach rather than a beach full of speedos, bikinis and Hawaiian Tropic wafting in the air! Amazing how different we all our around the world!!

    1. You see cattle along the road in several places. We haven’t seen any cow patties though.

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