Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle, Sri Lanka

I took a little break yesterday from posting a new entry so I thought I’d better post something today.  We were at sea for two full days and were supposed to dock at Galle, Sri Lanka this morning.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and the waves were too violent for the tenders to be utilized.  It’s so strange to see huge waves, pounding rain, and it’s still 85 degrees and humid.  So, we’re still at sea as I write this and on our way to Colombo, Sri Lanka – we should be there by 3pm or so.  

Yesterday was an incredible day at sea – warm temperatures, not hot, and pleasant breezes.  Here’s a shot I took as I was walking along the top deck.

I’m continually mesmerized by the sea and beautiful cloud formations.  Here are a few photos of our stateroom as well.


Last night we ate at Prime 7 which is one of the specialty restaurants onboard.  They specialize as a steakhouse but offer other choices as well.  We’ve been able to get into the specialty restaurants several times without any problem.  We’ve also met many more people on this cruise than in cruises past.  I’ve had to create a list of names and where they’re from on my phone so that we can keep track of everyone – it actually works extremely well.  Here’s a sampling of our dinner last night at Prime 7.  Appetizers of Ahi Tuna, Crab Cakes, main courses of Filet Mignon, Rack of Lamb, and finally desserts of Banana Cream Pie and Ice Cream – all of it delicious.


I hope I’m able to post more excursion photos when we visit Colombo.  

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  1. No thanks to violent waves! Hold on!! 😉 Food looks yummy… Bon Appetit & enjoy your excursions

  2. Hallo Marc en Rich de vorige foto’s waren Subliem mooie natuur ,en nu mooie kamer en heel lekker eten de bordjes zijn net schilderijtjes te,mooi om op te eten ,volgende keer mag je mij meenemen op zon prachtige reis en zoveel mooie dingen ,je kan supermooie foto,s nemen Marc precies of we zitten er midden in heel mooi ,gr Monique

    1. Ja, Monique. U moet mee komen volgende keer.

  3. Rich and Marc:

    So enjoy your photos, thank you for the pictures of your stateroom and the food, all looks spectacular. Glad to know you had a pleasant day at sea, sorry for you having to miss Galle, Sri Lanka because of the waves, hopefully you will enjoy your time in Colombo. Will look forward to your next blog.


    1. Check out my blog on Colombo later today.

  4. Looks fantastic. So many beautiful pictures that you have posted. I believe that Rich had the Lamb and I am jealous. It looked awesome.

    1. Glad that you’re following, Diana.

      1. Everyday

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