Explorer – Day 1
The White Cliffs of Dover

Explorer – Day 1

Where do I begin?  So much has happened in the last couple of days.  Of course, it hasn’t been easy trying to get the wifi to work on board the ship, the SS Explorer.  But at last, I now have unlimited usage and my password finally works!  

Our trip from London to Southampton took 3 hours!  OMG the traffic was terrible.  But once aboard ship we were pampered like never before.  Our suite is wonderful and the ship is exquisite. Here are a few shots of the public areas onboard the Explorer. 


As we were enjoying our lunch yesterday, there apparently were too many anticipated diners in the main restaurant, Compass Rose.  As a result, there were offers to dine in one of the specialty restaurants and we chose to dine in Pacific Rim, a beautiful Asian influenced dining experience.  

Before heading to dinner, we stopped by the Observation Lounge for a quick cocktail.  It’s at the aft or front of the ship and it had just rained a bit.  I caught this picture of the view ahead and was spellbound.  

Here are a few of the dishes we enjoyed at the Pacific Rim.  

Hamachi Sashimi






Chicken Curry






Dinner was incredible and we both had a great night’s sleep.

Skip ahead to the next morning and I had two surprises.  First…well let me just say that I think the sun rises here somewhere around 4:15 or 4:30.  I quickly got up and shut the main drapes.  When I awoke, however, at 7am, I got this stunning view….

The White Cliffs of Dover

They were just beautiful.  And then of course, I heard the tragic news of the London rampage that occurred on Saturday night.  Rich and I were just there on Friday afternoon.  It’s so tragic.

After having breakfast, we actually went to the gym and it is a wonder in itself.  It’s beautifully laid out with brand new machines and with this view – and proof that I was actually on the treadmill.


After having a couple of Seabreezes at the Pool bar, I’m now sitting on our veranda finally completing this blog post.  Oh, by the way, I met a Belgian woman from Brugge at the Pool bar and we had a great conversation….who would have guessed.  Anyway, I end today’s blog post with this final picture of the view from the veranda as I write.  It really doesn’t get much better than this.  More to come tomorrow and thanks so much for reading this.





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  1. Hi:

    Your photos are gorgeous, and the ship is beautiful. Quite stunning, The White Cliffs of Dover and who wouldn’t want to go on the treadmill with a view like that! So glad you made it out of London safely, Linda and I were at the reception when we heard about the latest attack, what a shame. Keep up the good work on the blog, and thanks for the pictures of the ship.


  2. Excellent Blog and Photos. Beautiful pic of the the white cliffs of Dover.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your trip! John

  3. Faisal envies your treadmill! You don’t need to be on the lookout for Batsford, he’s on a different ship. Do those ocean views ever get boring? Absolutely beautiful!! The blue sky w/ puffy clouds, white peaks on the waves… must be mesmerizing ???

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