Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

We arrived this morning in Scotland and the weather conditions were worse today than yesterday – 46 degrees, rain, and wind.  In addition, the ship is not able to dock in the harbor so we needed to take a tender in for a rough 15 minute ride.  We were dressed for the cold, however.

Ready for the cold
Ready for the tender


We left the ship at 8am and jumped into the tender with about 40 other guests.  Here’s what the tenders looked like combatting the waves.

Tender in the waves






We got on our bus and proceeded to Edinburgh from the port of Newhaven – about 30 minutes.  We saw a lot of the city but weren’t able to get out and explore.  We stopped for the tour of Edinburgh Castle which was extremely interesting.  Imagine, however, thousands of tourists, in the rain, and with umbrellas.  You couldn’t help but laugh at the outcome.  And then try taking a picture in the wind and rain while holding your umbrella.  Pretty funny actually.  My umbrella blew inside out several times.  Regardless, I did capture a few photos at the castle.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Inside the castle
Inside the castle
Beautiful coat of arms  

And then it was back on the bus with our wet clothes and dripping umbrellas – quite a scene.  We returned back to the tender for our bumpy – and I mean bumpy – ride back to the ship.  

Happy faces despite the rain

Onboard the Explorer I caught this young bagpipe player, Louise, in a couple of poses for me.


Before I close today’s blog entry, I need to describe our wonderful dinner last night in the Compass Rose.  We were joined by a beautiful couple, Stefanie and Paul, who both perform in the nightly shows on the ship.  I was supposed to get a group photo but it just slipped our minds – next time.   Just a couple of items on the table…

Panko crusted shrimp – Paul had 3 orders!
Alaskan Halibut – delicious


We loved Edinburgh – it’s a lovely city.  We hope to come back sometime soon.

That’s it for today.  We sail around the coast of Scotland tomorrow so we’ll be onboard the ship the entire day.  I’m sure I’ll have something to share then as well.  Thanks for following along.


The ship’s captain just announced that we are leaving Edinburgh and expecting significant rolling and pitching until late tomorrow (Wednesday).  We’ll be rounding the northern tip of Scotland as we head to Belfast.  We may be rocked to sleep tonight so we’ll try to stay as level as possible.



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  1. Hey guys:

    So nice to see the pictures of you both, your suite looks both spacious and beautiful. I take my hat off to you both for being brave enough to tackle the tender in the rough seas. The Edinburgh castle is gorgeous inside and out, no wonder you both want to come back. The food looks amazing, so pleased that you had company for dinner. Hope you both get some sleep amongst the rocking and rolling.


  2. The gloomy weather adds to the “Medievelness” of the stone facade of the castle????Very Harry Potter. Where are your rain parkas? I have no words for the tender??. None! How did you manage bumping around in the ocean at the whim of the waves??in that?!?!?! Louise is spectacular!! Hold on to your mattress tonight, hope you don’t slide off from the waves? Oh Mama!! Better you both than me??

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