It’s been a great day in Dublin.  What a beautiful city with wonderfully friendly and charming people.  We pretty much did Dublin on our own today.  We didn’t have a morning excursion so we left the ship and took the shuttle into the city.  It was a little dreary and cold but no rain – always a good omen.  Here’s what we saw in our first few hours.  Oh, and here’s the shuttle that took us from the ship to the city center.

As nice as the shuttle was, it was a little bumpy on the streets. Here are our first views of the city.

After walking the streets for an hour or so, we headed to the Jameson Distillery.  

Once inside, we decided to forego the tour and just sample the goods.  I tried one of the older whiskeys straight up and Rich had the Old Fashioned, done the Jameson way. We sat at one of the community tables and met a very nice couple visiting from Stockholm.  Imagine that, Anette! We had a very pleasant conversation and shared our impressions of Dublin.  Here are a few more photos.

One of the bartenders, who was learning Swedish our Stockholm friends said, gave us directions to a nearby restaurant where we had lunch.  We were supposed to be back at the ship by 1:15 for our booked excursion to the Guinness Brewery, but it had gotten too late and we decided to do the brewery on our own.  By now, the weather had changed and the streets had gotten very crowded.  Take a look at the dramatic change.

It was so nice to see blue skies without the threat of rain. We also passed the Church of Saint Augustine.

Evidently, in Dublin, you go to church first and then go to Guinness – at least that’s what we did.  What an incredible place!  Remember I said that we had decided not to go back to the ship to start the Guinness excursion.  The ship’s excursion people really frown on deviating from your intended meeting place because they allocate spots on the bus and provide the tickets you need to enter.  Anyway, we got to the brewery along with 2 or 3 thousand other people – this is not good.  The lines were incredibly long. Rich said let’s just forget about going inside because here’s what we were able to photograph outside. 

Okay, but for me that just wasn’t enough – so let’s do Plan B.  Let’s find a tour group from our ship and see if we can barge into their tour.  Luckily I still had the tour tickets in my pocket but would they let us join their tour?  The first tour guide said no – emphatically, as a matter of fact.  I was able, however, to sweet talk Tour Guide number 19 to let us in – she needed our names, birth certificates, blood types… okay I’m kidding.  She was very pleasant and allowed us to join the group and get the appropriate ticket – which included a free glass of Guinness – Plan B was a success!  And what a place it is!  7 floors of Guinness beer, goods, advertisements, history, and music.  Take a look.

The 4th floor was jammed with party people who were drinking the free Guinness and then purchasing more.  There was live entertainment like this performer. People raising their glasses and cheering on the crowd. Irish dancers on pedestals through the room. Finally live dancers performing in front of the crowd. It was amazing.

We left Guinness and headed to the ship.  The streets of the city were jammed with people out on a Saturday afternoon.  We made it back to the shuttle just in time.

Dublin is a fabulous city with incredibly fun, warm and friendly people.  We could easily have spent another day or two exploring the city, visiting the lively pubs and just enjoying the scenery.  We’ll just need to come back at a future date.  It’s now on to Liverpool.



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  1. Hi:

    Found your Dublin Shuttle to be really funny, I can imagine the ride! Thank goodness you had nice weather, and being able to listen to the dancers was great. So glad you enjoyed Dublin. I took my brother to celebrate his birthday, on Saturday, to Smitty’s and we sat at your table. A good time was had by all. Enjoy Liverpool, will be anxious to hear from you.


  2. Love your shuttle!!! Bumpy & beautiful! Can you bring the leprechaun costume home for Emil? It would be a superb Halloween costume. Good times in Liverpool.

  3. I’m jealous that you talked tour way into the tour, that looked like such fun! We may not have gotten to kiss the Blarney Stone on this trip, but I don’t think you needed it ?

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