Day at Sea

Day at Sea

Before I begin with today’s story, let me just share a few photos of last night’s dinner at Prime 7.  We had a great time, enjoyed all of the food, and had some very pleasant conversations with Joy, our sommelier.  Joy is from the west coast of India.  Speaking of which, there are so many different nationalities on this ship – both passenger and crew member.  The maitre’d, in fact, is Belgian and from the city of Ghent, very close to where I was born.  I’m digressing…. here are the photos from last night.

Surf and Turf
Joseph Phelps Insignia

I included the wine because it reminded us of another cruise where we met Bill Phelps, the owner of Joseph Phelps Winery.  Okay, now on to today’s story.

Today there are no ports of call.  We’re cruising along the northern coast of Scotland on our way to Belfast.  These are very stormy seas today and it’s very difficult maintaining your balance.  Taking a shower was fun this morning – try washing your face with one hand, holding on to the grab bar, while water is sloshing at your feet.  Taking it easy on the breakfast table as well – don’t put too much pressure on your already sensitive stomach.  But hey, neither one of us is sick.

Cruising along the Scottish coast
Hanging out at the Observation Lounge

By noon, the seas had calmed considerably and by 4pm we were heading south on the west coast of Scotland.  Here are a couple of shots.

West coast of Scotland
Cute little lighthouse on the west coast of Scotland

And just how far north are we? Well… the sun rises at 4:33 am and sets at 10:13pm – that’s official.  Anette, I looked it up and it’s about the same latitude as Stockholm.

So now it’s time to get ready for this evening’s events.  We are cordially invited to the Seven Seas Society Cocktail Party at 6pm honoring past Regent guests.  And at 8pm, we’re meeting Bessie and Lauren for dinner at the Pacific Rim restaurant.  It should be a fun evening.  

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  1. ??the lighthouse foto! Happy for you the seas have calmed so your stomachs, and everyone else’s stomachs on the ship, can have peace again! Bon apetit!

  2. Hi:

    Glad to see that the seas have calmed down, trust you both were able to sleep. Your dinner last night looked delicious and your table right at the window, how great for sightseeing. Hope you will enjoy your dinner this evening with Bessie and Lauren and that the cocktail party was a blast. My best to you both.


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