Voyager Cruise 2019


Voyager Cruise 2019

Split, Croatia

Our first port in Croatia was Split. Split is a beautiful, lively city on the Adriatic Sea and is Croatia’s second largest city. It is a popular coastal destination for Croats and also for Serbs. It is surrounded by mountains so the city itself is very picturesque and home to many yachts.

Our excursion took us into the small town of Trogir which is inland and a very historical city. We were able to walk the narrow streets and see this ancient town while experiencing its lively cafe scene.

After visiting Trogir, we returned to Split and visited Diocletian’s Palace which is a Unesco World Heritage site. It is one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments and is today a sprawling marketplace. It was crowded with tourists but very impressive inside and outside.

Split is also a town that was a filming location for Game of Thrones so we were able to visit the GOT store and obtain a few souvenirs.

We also celebrated Rich’s birthday in Split. When we came back from our excursion, we found our suite decorated with a streamer and balloons – very nice. We also celebrated later that evening in Prime 7 – it was a wonderful evening.


Our next port was Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is an incredible city. Although it’s not as large as Split, it is a walled city that offers magnificent views from every perspective. We were also fortunate to take the Game of Thrones excursion from the ship and wow – what an incredible experience. Now for those of you not GOT fans, okay maybe it’s not quite as impressive. But even not having followed the series, you will be amazed by the sights.

First, we did a tour at ground level and saw many of the film locations – primarily Season 2 – that were part of the series. The dock, the location of King’s Landing, and the Walk of Shame.

And then we climbed the steps – hundreds of steps – to view the city from its walls. There were also multiple places where a GOT scene or multiple scenes had been filmed. Even without those recognizable scenes, the views from above were impressive.

All in all, Croatia – both Split and Dubrovnik – was fascinating to visit. Our guides on the excursions were incredibly knowledgeable and extremely conversant in English. We were very impressed with the small part of Croatia that we visited.

Please continue to follow as we make our way down the Adriatic to Montenegro and Greece. We’ll also visit locations in Italy – Portofino and Positano


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  1. Your photography skills are amazing, really enjoy following along with you both. Thanks for sending photos of the two of you, always nice to see that you are enjoying yourselves. Who were the handsome men in the dining room wearing suits? So pleased that they remembered Rich’s birthday and that it was so memorable for you both. The ship and your stateroom look gorgeous, will look forward to your next blog.


  2. That’s cool you got to experience all things GOT??. Nice touch the Birthday banner and Ballons?. Looking forward to see more?⚓️

  3. Love the photos of Croatia . Photos of Dubrovnik reminded me of our visit there 5-6 years ago . Am now eager to visit Split , Montenegro, etc
    Thanks for sharing your photos and insight.

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