Arrival in Sri Lanka

Where are we now?  We’re at the tip of the India subcontinent and 3200 miles from our initial port.  That’s totally amazing.  We’ve come so far and Colombo was an interesting variation from what we’ve seen thus far.  It’s beautiful in its own chaotic and colorful way.  You’ll see from some of my photos.  

We arrived yesterday late afternoon and had an opportunity to venture into the city on our own.  The temperature was incredibly hot and humid – more than what we’ve experienced so far.  We had a shuttle that took us from the port to a location outside the restricted port area.  We then walked and were hounded by tuk tuk drivers – and they were aggressive and insistent but we chose to walk.  Here are some general photos of the city itself.

The city was full of colorful and numerous flags and lanterns in honor of this full moon.  Apparently, this is a very important full moon and is a high Buddhist holiday because it is Buddha’s birthday.  

Traffic and Fashion

The traffic here is incredible – a messy mixture of tuk tuks, cars, motorcycles, and buses….. lots of buses.  And nobody obeys any traffic etiquette and there’s a lot of honking.  As you’ll see from the photos below, people are hanging out of trains, buses, and tuk tuks.  It’s really a sea of confusion but so enjoyable to watch.

And then there were the street fashions.  I was blown away by some of the beautiful women wearing saris in varying colors – they were awesome.

On our excursion today we visited yet another temple in Colombo but this one was a little different in that it had multiple areas of worship and had worshippers in attendance.  

The flowers and water were offerings that the worshippers presented to the temple and Buddha.  

Finally, we visited the Museum of Colombo which contained an array of historical and symbolic relics of Sri Lanka.  The museum dates back to the British colonial days and is a symbol of their history.  

I’ll close with a photo of our neighbors on the ship and our friends from Britain, Val and Di.  We had a great time with them.


I’ll end tonight with a photo we received from our friends in Vancouver who were with us in Singapore.  I thought this was a great photo of our tuk tuk adventure in Singapore.  That’s it for today and we’re off to India in the morning.  Please continue to check in and leave comments.  Thanks.




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  1. Rich and Marc:

    Truly magnificent photos, you really make me feel like I am traveling with you. I am surprised that you have run into even hotter and humid weather, I can just image what the next few days will be like. Really enjoying your blog, keep up the great work!


    1. Columbo looks great! I love your pics and am enjoying following your blog. What an adventure.

      1. It is indeed an adventure and I’m surprised how well I’ve adapted. Thanks for following.

    2. Thanks, Karen. You’re such a faithful follower. I’m anticipating more exotic experiences in India.

  2. Love the fotos! The man on the train is waving to you. What an experience for both of you. I especially like the last foto of you & Rich on the Tuk Tuk. Thanks for including us!

  3. Weeral mooi mooi mooi ,geen woorden voor mooie foto van jij en Rich ,je bent een expert om foto,s te nemen allemaal zo scherp en klaar,je ziet dat jullie genieten haha ,tis een zeer mooie reis allemaal mooi uitgestippeld,blijven die deuren van de trein open terwijl hij rijd das schrikken,geniet nog verder ik blijf volgen gr uit tielt

    1. Ja de deuren van de trein blijven open en ook de bus. Zeer gevaarlijk maar ze denken daar niet aan.

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