Brief Stops in Spain
Palma De Mallorca

Brief Stops in Spain

Palma De Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

After a full day at sea from Portofino, what a delight it was to view the island of Mallorca in Spain. It was beautiful!

Here’s a look at our trip from Portofino on the map. (This map is for you, Mark!)

I wan’t quite sure what to expect from Mallorca but we were all pleasantly surprised. Our excursion entitled “Highlights of Mallorca” started at the famous castle up on the hill – Castell de Bellver. It was built in the 14th century for King James II of Mallorca, and is one of the few circular castles in Europe. Here are some shots of the inner castle and also the spectacular views it offers.

We were on the same excursion as our Voyager friends, Annette and Mark, from Brisbane, Australia. We had a great time exploring the charming streets and one of the churches.

As we followed our guide, we came across a beautiful door that caught everyone’s attention – including Annette. We got this great photo of Annette and her knockers.

Eating in Palma

We decided to have lunch together with Mark and Annette. The previous night, our English friends who are familiar with Mallorca had recommended a small local tapas restaurant. They couldn’t remember the name but gave us some general directions – amazingly, we found it and enjoyed a great meal.

We ended our excursion to Palma de Mallorca with a visit to its grand cathedral – one of the largest in Europe. Even today, I am stunned by how such a small island possesses such a beautiful cathedral. Obviously, there was a tremendous amount of royal wealth here.


Luckily we had been to Barcelona a few years ago and knew our way around the city. No excursion was necessary. At the same time, we encountered a significant rainstorm which dampened our ability to see a lot. Nonetheless, we were very fortunate to see what we did. One can see some of the beautiful architecture strolling along La Rambla.

We spent some time inside the massive La Bouqueria which contains individual markets of all types – primarily food. It’s amazing to just stroll the aisles.

After walking for a few hours, we decided to have a couple of beers in a cafe immediately next to the Barcelona Cathedral. We sat outside for some time and enjoyed watching all of the crowds in the plaza – it was jam packed. Then a powerful rainstorm developed – people scurried for cover, the rain became violent, and we were luckily under an awning that provided us shelter. The once crowded plaza became empty and flooded with rain – thunder so loud it shook our table. Take a look.

Violent Rain Storm

We finally were able to move inside the small cafe where they served Pintxos, the Northern Spanish tapas that are popular in Bilbao and San Sebastian. So many from which to choose and all so very delicious.

Okay – we didn’t get to see a lot of Barcelona but we certainly had a great time. Food and drinks usually help pass the time, right? So we spent two wonderful days in Spain and were now bound to our destinations in France. Unfortunately due to the weather, we were unable to visit the port of St. Tropez in France – a stop that was high on our list. We were able to enjoy one more day at sea as we sailed toward our final destination of Monaco. I’ll have more to share at that point.

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  1. Really enjoyed the rain storm and thunder, we usually don’t see rain like that. As always the photos are magnificent and the market with all of the fruit displayed was stunning. What you had to eat looked mighty tasty. The castle and the architecture, along with the views is really breathtaking. Thank you for including me in your blog, will look forward to the rest of the trip.


    1. Of course you heard all of this story from Rich. It’s still good to see it on video. Thanks Karen

  2. The addition of the map was brilliant! I also enjoyed the door knockers in Mallorca. Safe travels.

    1. And you know the map was especially for you – I’m glad you mentioned that. Well the knockers are special. I’ll have to let Annette know.

      1. The knockers are vintage; so glad they are finally being appreciated. x

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