Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea

So today we’re on the Andaman Sea.  We’ve gained an hour from Phuket so we’re now only 13 hours ahead of California.  That just seems so strange to me.  Anyway, here’s what I woke to this morning.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

As I’m writing this, we are approximately half way to our destination of Galle, Sri Lanka – one more day at sea.  Here’s a map showing where we’ve been since Singapore.


Just a side note from our dinner last night.  We had dinner with a Scottish couple we met early on in Bangkok and also with a couple from Atlanta, Georgia.  We had a very pleasant dinner and conversation in the Compass Rose.  When I was asked by our server what I wanted to order as my entree, I was torn between the Red Snapper (the chef’s recommendation and special) and the scallops.  I asked Vijay, our server, which he would recommend and he responded with both.  So both it was.  You see, you can have whatever you want.


Since this was a day at sea, it was a very leisurely and stress free day.  No schedules to meet.  

We started the day on the top deck enjoying the ocean breezes and the less humid climate.  When the ship is sailing, the temperature seems to be very pleasant and humidity free.


After an hour or so, the skies got very gray and suddenly the clouds opened up. The rain came down in sweeping intensity – sideways at times and people who were lounging in the sun ran for cover.  The pool grill was getting prepared for lunch and then decided to move the buffet indoors on deck 5 – Indian buffet which was delicious.  I captured a few photos of the rain and its impact.


That’s it for today.  Tonight we have another time change and we push our clocks back 30 minutes.  Isn’t that strange?  Not a full hour but just 30 minutes.  I think they’re doing this just to confuse us.  So much for our full day at sea – it was really very pleasant and enjoyable.  I’ll have more tomorrow.  



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  1. Rich and Marc:

    Talk about an intense rain storm, WOW! Glad to know that when the ship is moving the humidity is bearable. Thanks for the photos and your dinner looked yummy. Will be interested to hear from you tomorrow.


  2. Is it like the North Sea out there when the waves get stormy? Are you holding on to your mattresses?

    1. No it’s not nearly as violent as the North Sea waves. This is more of a gentle rocking. The captain said that some of the waves were 9 feet high. They were afraid to take out the tenders under those circumstances. By the way the captain is relatively young and from Stockholm.

  3. ?????‍✈️???

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