A Week on Maui

A Week on Maui

Getting to Maui

We flew on Delta directly from Los Angeles to Kahului Airport on Maui – roughly 5 hours flying, but it seemed much longer. At the airport we picked up our rental car and drove to the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea – a distance of about half an hour.

Because I had a window seat, I was able to capture some of the stunning aerial views of Maui.

Four Seasons Maui

The Four Seasons Resort is spectacular. We had stayed here 14 years ago – much has changed but all of the luxury elements remained the same. The resort has 3 major restaurants – Duo, Ferraro’s and Spago. We ate at all three and enjoyed them all.

Aside from the main pools on the property, the resort also has a special Serenity Pool which is exclusive to adults and offers a swim up bar in its infinity pool – right up our alley. Here are some photos of the resort.

Vistas along the Beach

We had direct access to the beach from the hotel and also could walk along the shore to other hotels and shopping areas. I grabbed my camera each time we walked in order to capture the views. One day I was able to see whales in the distance but couldn’t get a photo that was close enough. Nonetheless, here are some of those views.

The Food

As I mentioned, the Four Seasons has 3 restaurants on premises but we also ventured out to other dining venues – the Hotel Wialea (incredibly beautiful hotel), Morimoto (Japanese flavors), and Monkeypod (a lively and popular spot). The hotel offers a free car service to restaurants and hotels within a certain radius. We were able to take advantage of that feature throughout our stay. Here’s a sampling of dishes we had. You’ll see that we gravitated very heavily toward local specialties and seafood…. I’ve never eaten as much seafood in one short week.

The Flowers

You can see flowers everywhere you go on Maui. Every hotel, every restaurant has beautiful native flowers. The Four Seasons, however, really excels in offering beautiful flowers around every corner and replenishes and nurtures them every day. I spent one day just taking photos of the flowers.

The Sunsets

Every evening, usually around 6:30 or 6:45, the hotel became a photographer’s dream. People pulled out cell phones and cameras to capture the sunsets. Of course, some days were better than others depending on the cloud cover and humidity in the air. Here are some that I captured. There’s one looking through a wine glass to capture the sunset.


One day, we took the Lahaina-Lanai Ferry to the island of Lanai. Many tourists and locals take this 45 minute ferry to explore the activities and beaches on Lanai. We walked to the Four Seasons Resort – an incredible architectural wonder – and had lunch with a few drinks. The ride back to Lahaina was extremely choppy due to the trade winds. All in all, it was a fun day.

Making Friends

We met so many wonderful people during our stay on the island. Hotel employees, restaurant employees, and guests were super friendly and cordial. It was very easy to engage with a person or couple and immediately relate stories about your day or your life. We met couples from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and of course, varying cities within the United States. Quite by coincidence, we spent one evening with Julie and Gene who live down the street from us in Pasadena – Julie and I worked together at Kaiser Permanente. We also met their friends, Stacey and Steve, who also live in Altadena. It’s amazing when these coincidences occur.

We met so many unique individuals who work at the Four Seasons. Everyone was extraordinary but one guy who always made our day was Joel, a bartender in the Lobby Lounge. His disposition was always warm and uplifting and he always brought a smile to everyone’s day.

We spent a beautiful week in Maui and have many fond memories. I hope that you enjoyed the stories and pictures. I’ll try to have one more blog entry before we leave on our European vacation in July. Thanks for following.


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  1. I always enjoy your trips. You take such beautiful pictures.

    1. Thanks, Gary. As you know, I love taking pictures. Thanks for following the blog.

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