A Splendid Voyage on Seven Seas Splendor

A Splendid Voyage on Seven Seas Splendor

It’s been some time since I’ve shared a new blog post. This one highlights last month’s transatlantic cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Miami, Florida. This was the maiden voyage of the new Regent Seven Seas Splendor – a magnificent, luxury ship.


We spent two nights in Barcelona. Although we have been there several times, we did experience some new sights as well as visiting some new restaurants – all tapas based.

We first visited the Gothic cathedral which is located in the oldest part of Barcelona.

Strolling down La Rambla is a necessity – particularly since our hotel was located on La Rambla. Because of the season, there weren’t as many tourists and the trees were bare allowing for better views of the architecture.

We always stop by La Boqueria on La Rambla to experience the visible flavors of Barcelona. The market is crowded with various vendors displaying their goods.

The hotel gave us free tickets to a Guadi built palace that was nearby the hotel. The Güell Palace was beautiful and full of interesting architectural elements that define Guadi’s style. Here are a few shots.

And finally a sampling of some delicious treats we experienced. For dinner, we went to a casual tapas bar across from the hotel, Bar Lobo, and also to a higher end tapas restaurant, Bar Cańete. Both were superb!


After one day at sea, our first port was Cádiz, Spain. Cádiz is a lovely city and I learned that it is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Europe. It is in Andalusia and roughtly 100 kilometers from Seville. The architecture is flawless and the city is surrounded by water. We arrived early in the morning and the city was covered in a thick fog. Oh No! Will we see anything at all? Here are a couple of photos during and after the fog.

We spent the morning exploring the city and then returned to the ship for our noon excursion. The excursion included a tour of the city and some stops at local tapas bars. Here’s our stop at Cumbres Mayores which included drinks and two delicious tapas treats.

We unfortunately had to get back to the ship after the delicious tapas. Our time in Cádiz was too short but here are a few more photos. If you’re interested, Sebastian Modak, wrote about Cádiz for the NY Times here.


Our next port was Funchal, Madeira. Madeira is a group of islands belonging to Portugal in the North Atlantic. The temperatures are relatively warm as witnessed by the luscious greenery. Our excursion took us to various parts of the island. One especially scenic experience was at the top of Madeira’s cliffs – said to be among the highest sea cliffs in Europe. The views were exceptional but quite scary to witness. There was even a plexiglass platform where you could see below – very scary! Here were some of the views.

We had a great time on the excursion with Steve and Gary. Here are some of the crazy photos we took along the way.

The day in Madeira was incredible – so warm and pleasant the entire day. We got back to the ship to witness our final departure from Europe – here are the vistas from the ship.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

After six beautiful days at sea, we arrived in San Juan. The Atlantic crossing surprised everyone onboard the Splendor. We expected cold days at sea and a strong possibility of stormy seas. To the contrary, our days at sea were warm and the ocean was extremely calm.

Our day in San Juan was beautiful and warm with very mild ocean breezes. Although we had been to San Juan before, we elected to enjoy an excursion highlighting the sights of San Juan. One of our favorite stops along the way was the formidable Castillo de San Cristobal and its excellent views.

So what was life like onboard the Splendor? I have included a few photos of our suite, a few of the ship, and lots of food enjoyed at all of the restaurants.




Our entire trip was great! So many wonderful days at sea, beautiful ports and the opportunity to meet so many people onboard. Our next cruise is in July and we’ll visit some unusual Arctic destinations. See you then!

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  1. Marc:

    Thank you for letting me view your blog, I was fascinated by the open air market, your suite and the fabulous looking food, plus all of your photos of the architecture. It appears that you and Rich and your friends had a fabulous time Will be looking forward to your next blog. As always your photos are stunning.

    1. Thanks, Karen. If you have any recommendations about how I can improve the blog, I would love to hear it. We can discuss this week.

  2. Marc, what a fabulous journey! The pics are exquisite, and the map is a delightful addition.
    With all the food, its a wonder that you stay so fit and slim.
    Your friend,

  3. Thank you for sharing your latest cruising on your blog. I enjoy living vicariously through you. I can see how much you both enjoy your time on the ship from the food, your friends and the great places you get to visit for the first time or the third time. I think your Arctic cruise will be a first for you and we looking forward to joining you. Until then…

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